"No canto do cisco
no canto do olho
a menina dança e dentro da menina
a menina dança e se você fecha o olho
a menina ainda dança dentro da menina ainda dança."
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The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen. Perhaps the most important thing we ever give each other is our attention. By

Rachel Naomi Remen  (via thatkindofwoman)

Listening isn’t just hearing. It’s more than that. It’s removing the filters and preconceived prejudices you’ve formed and then with a quiet mind open your heart to their words. Then the words flow untainted.

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When the answer is always no, when I will never give consent, then sex will always be rape. I usually avoid the R word, phrase it as “sex would be a site of oppression for me”. Saying that all sex is rape, even if I mean just for me, sounds radical feminist. The whole sex-positive movement defines itself in opposition to radical feminism. And the asexual community is very sold on sex-positivity.

Sometimes it seems that to be anti-sex is to be a “bad asexual”. You always have to preface your discussion with “but it’s totally OK with me if other people have sex!” and “of course, I only apply this to myself” and a dozen other hedges to reassure people that you don’t mean to hurt the feelings of those who enjoy sex and that you’re not a prude or trying to moralize to others (i.e., sex cheerleading).

The idea that sex-positive people might ever need to reassure me or check if they’re hurting my feelings or imposing their views on me, never seems to cross anyone’s mind.

By ace-muslim, When the answer is always no: Sex aversion and my sex-negative feminism (via radtransfem)

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The only reason I wasn’t a fan of this is because I hate the fact that we still have to show people this way. Why can’t you just see it from a different preservative? Why do we have to make a video showing you how women have felt left out their whole lives?
It’s the same situation when people make those videos showing a heterosexual kid in a homosexual world. The straight kid gets beat up and everyone around them has a hard time dealing with them being straight.
We shouldn’t have to constantly make videos saying “see! It could be really bad for you too!!!” Because people shouldn’t be so focused on themselves and be able to understand that others have it worse.

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Here’s an example of sexism in the media. It’s very subtle, but it’s insidious, and it’s everywhere.

Men’s washroom and women’s washroom, each with an ad in the mirror. Both ads are for the same car. However, the text is slightly changed - in the men’s, it tells you that you look a million bucks but would look even better in that car. In the women’s, it gives you concern that you’re having a bad hair day but that’d be okay if you had that car.

The men’s ad assumes you’re confident and powerful and tries to optimize that image. The women’s ad undermines your opinion of yourself and tells you how to fix it.

Seriously. That shit is fucked.

A Volks não pára com esse sexismo todo! ¬¬

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On Violence


Let’s talk about violence.

Because it seems to me, that to a lot of people, unless someone is pointing a gun to your head, it doesn’t count. Violence is not necessarily physical.

Every time drinking water is cut off from Palestinians, while settlers fill their swimming pools, that’s violence.

Every time the right of return for the millions of Palestinian refugees is denied, that’s violence.

Every time a Palestinian needs to apply for a permit to access holy sites 15 minutes away, that’s violence.

Every time our lands are annexed and confiscated, that’s violence.

Every time our existence is denied, that’s violence.

Every time our humanity is questioned, every time our borders are closed, every time our children see the sea, but are barred from it.

When our story never gets told.

That’s also violence.